Everything you always wanted to know about Faderhead


Where are you from?
Hamburg, Germany 


When will you come to my city/area/country to play a show?
That is completely dependent on the bookers/promoters/clubowners in your area. Please check the dates in the "live" section of this website to find out which gigs are 100% confirmed. If you want us to play in your area, make sure to annoy the fuck out of the people at your local clubs by telling them to book Faderhead for a show. If they don't know that you want Faderhead to perform, then they won't book us!


Can I book you for a concert/DJ gig?
Yes, of course. Please send an email to booking@faderhead.com and outline the following details: date, club/venue, city, country, other bands/DJs of the night, full name of the organizer and any other details that describe the event. You will hear back from the booking agent as soon as possible.


What does TZDV mean?
It means "Tanz, Zwo, Drei, Vier" which can be translated as "Dance, two, three, four". It's derived from "Links, Zwo, Drei, Vier" which is a German military marching command.


Is that Steve Naghavi (And One) in the TZDV-Video?
Yes. That video is featuring Steve Naghavi (And One), Mr. Petersen (Combichrist), Eric Burton (Catastrophe Ballet) and Myoonji Sadamune. They are all friends and when we asked them to be in the video for a little cameo, they all said yes!


Is that Steve Naghavi (And One) in the BLACK FRIDAY movie?


Is that Steve Naghavi (And One) as Panzermensch in the FISTFUL OF FUCK YOU-Video?

How did you get the name Faderhead?
I got that name in 1996 from an American friend who saw me mix a song and watched me moving the faders on a big mixing console. So he said "Man, you're a real Faderhead!" - and everyone in the room thought the name was fitting and started calling me that.


Can you remix one of my songs?
I am usually quite busy, so most of the time I simply won't have time. But if you feel like you have a special song that would really lend itself to be remixed in my style of music, then please send an email to info@faderhead.com and include a link to the original song and the budget that you have available for the remix. I currently do not "trade" remixes.


Can I use one of your songs on a compilation?
For all licensing, promotion and cooperation requests please contact Mr. Alexander Jost at L-Tracks Records via email: marketing@l-tracks.com


Can I be in your next video?
If you think you have some characteristics that could be interesting for the next Faderhead video, please send an email with 3 photos (1 face, 2 full body) to info@faderhead.com and include your name, age, hometown, cell phone number and any skills you might have (like dancing, fire-breathing, contortionist, etc.). If you are suitable in any way, we will DEFINITELY contact you.


What's your favorite drink?
Vodka on the rocks. My favorite brands are Absolut 100 and Grey Goose, but Korskenkova, Alpha Noble and Finlandia will do fine. The ice cubes are a must though, cause warm vodka is abominable...