Triton Festival: new tracks coming at ya!

Posted by Faderhead

I’m back in the studio making club mixes of “Do You Know Who I Think I Am?” (feat. Ted Phelps of Imperative Reaction) and “The Way To Fuck God” right now.

If you are at Triton Festival in NYC: make sure to check out the DJ sets of Mighty Mike Saga and END:the DJ to hear the US exclusive premieres of those songs. Also my main man Jet will be spinning the US premiere of the new album’s first single “Destroy Improve Rebuild”, so be there and shake your ghetto booty! *g*

Lots of new Faderhead coming your way at Triton – even if I can’t be there cause I’m playing in Spain with VNV Nation. So make sure to check out those DJ sets and let me know what you think of the new tunes!

3 thoughts on “Triton Festival: new tracks coming at ya!

  1. There will be MUCH booty shaking – I’ve had Destroy Improve Rebuild stuck in my head since Kinetik!

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