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3 weeks of touring all through Europe are over and we had a blast! Thanks to every single one of you who came out to the shows!

Here’s a playlist with 8 behind-the-scenes videos from the tour. I hope you enjoy it as much as we did!

Video for “Stand Up” released!

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The video for the first single “Stand Up” is finally done! You can watch it right here:

New album preview!

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The new album “Atoms & Emptiness” is coming out on February 7, 2014 and here’s a preview mix of all songs:


01. Stand Up
02. Every Hour Kills
03. Champagne & Real Pain
04. Atoms & Emptiness
05. When The Freaks Come Out
06. Someone Else’s Dream
07. I Forget
08. You Can’t Resist
09. Through This Pain (You Heal)
10. Anti-Paradise
11. My Heart Is Safe

Please share it with your friends if you like it :)

European Tour 2014

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with special guests: TERROLOKAUST

14.02.2014 Antwerp (B), Kavka
15.02.2014 Sheffield (UK), Corporation
16.02.2014 Glasgow (UK), Classic Grand
17.02.2014 Newcastle (UK), Cluny
19.02.2014 Cardiff (UK), The Globe
20.02.2014 London (UK), Camden Underworld
21.02.2014 Utrecht (NL), Tivoli Oudegracht (Winter Darkness)
22.02.2014 Oberhausen (GER), Turbinenhalle (E-Tropolis Festival)
25.02.2014 Munich (GER), Backstage
26.02.2014 Zurich (CH), X-Tra Limmathaus
28.02.2014 Glauchau (GER), Alte Spinnerei
02.03.2014 Frankfurt (GER), Das Bett
04.03.2014 Hanover (GER), Engel 07
05.03.2014 Berlin (GER), Magnet Club
07.03.2014 Malmö (S), Babel
08.03.2014 Hamburg (GER), Markthalle

Tickets available for all shows in Germany:
Tickets available for all shows in the UK:

This will be a double headliner tour where we alternate playing last on each show. More shows to be announced!

Dresden abgesagt! / Dresden cancelled!

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Auf Grund von Unstimmigkeiten mit dem Veranstalter habe ich eben die Show am 16.11.2013 in Dresden abgesagt. Es tut mir Leid für diejenigen die uns sehen wollten, aber irgendwann ist ein bestimmter Punkt erreicht an dem keine Übereinkunft mehr zu erzielen ist. Wir werden allerdings im Rahmen der Tour zum kommenden Album am 01.03.2014 in Glauchau spielen (mit Aesthetic Perfection) und dort den Gig nachholen. Sorry!

I have just cancelled the show in Dresden on Nov 16, 2013 Due to discrepancies with the promoter. I’m very sorry to disappoint those of you who wanted to see us, but at some point there is simply no possibility to work with one another. However, we will play a show next year in Glauchau on March 1, 2014 after the new album is out and I’m really looking forward to playing for you then!

North America Booking

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I am no longer represented by Darker Side Of Light booking in North America. I thank Troy for his work on the recent tour, but for all booking inquiries please contact Alexander Jost at from now on.

New album release date!

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I’m in the studio again everyday finishing up the next album. Release date will be February 3, 2014 and it will feature a colaboration with Daniel Myer (Haujobb/Architect/DSTR).

More info soon! :)

The last shows of 2013

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I’m going to finish the upcoming album in October and so there’ll be only a few more shows in 2013:

Sept 28 – Kiev / Ukraine – Deti Nochi Festival
Nov 16 – Dresden / Germany – Ballroom Passions Festival
Nov 23 – Nürnberg / Germany – Rockfabrik

Hope to see you there! :)


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I’ll be doing a few shows this summer:

June 20 – Oslo / Norway – Koma Festival
June 28 – Calgary / Canada – Terminus Festival
July 20 – Köln / Deutschland – Amphi Festival
July 27 – Paris / France – Dark Castle Festival
Aug 01 – Las Vegas, NV / USA – Defcon 21
Aug 31 – Athens / Greece – Second Skin Club
Sept 04 – Columbus, OH / USA – Skully’s Diner
Sept 05 – Wilmington, DE /USA – Mojo 13
Sept 06 – New York, NY / USA – Triton Festival
Sept 07 – Montreal, QB / Canada – Piranha
Sept 08 – Toronto, ON / Canada – Neutral
Sept 10 – Detroit, MI / USA – Token Lounge
Sept 11 – Chicago, IL / USA – Venue TBA
Sept 12 – Phoenix, AZ / USA – Martini Ranch
Sept 13 – Austin, TX / USA – Elysium
Sept 14 – Los Angeles, CA/ USA – Complex
Sept 15 – Dallas, TX / USA – The Church

More dates coming up!

Constructive Criticism

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Last weekend in Munich we were hanging out at the aftershow party when I was approached by a guy who came up to me and said that he’s “a big fan” but he’d like to give me “some constructive criticism“. Since he was somewhat polite I decided to listen to what he had to say and he said:

I don’t like your Nachtmahr remix, I think the original is better!“.
I nodded and asked “So what’s the constructive criticism?
The Nachtmahr remix! It’s not as good as the original!
Yea, I understand but what’s the constructive criticism?
What I said! The original is better!“.

This went on for a minute until I figured out that he probably thought he was giving me constructive criticism.

So since a bunch of stuff happened lately, here’s some actual “constructive criticism” for bands and fans alike:

1) If you are an opening band and you have a set time of 40 minutes, plan your set to be done in 35. This includes talking, breaks, etc. so make sure you have about 30 minutes worth of music. Our opening band in Munich was already 10 minutes over their allotted time (50 instead of 40) and told us “Oh, we’ll just finish this instrumental and then end with a coverversion!”. They ended up being 20 (!!!) minutes over their allotted time. Since for some reason there were 40 minutes of changeover time and the promoter was cool with it, we didn’t mind. Usually you can expect your power to be cut exactly after your time is up.

2) If you meet a musician from a band that you know or like, it’s never a good idea to tell them first that you don’t like their new album/new single/new video – at least not if you would like to have a conversation. Imagine a random stranger coming up to you and saying “I really don’t like how you look!”. For some reason people do this all the time – usually to a) not seem like a fanboy/-girl or b) to pretend that they have an “informed opinion”. Those are usually the same people who later complain on Facebook that “singer so-and-so was just hanging with girls and didn’t wanna talk to me!”.

3) If you are in a local band that opens for a touring band it’s never a good idea to:

a) be in the backstage room 15-20 minutes before and after the touring band’s show – just leave and let the band get ready/relax. I do the same for other bands we’re playing with, especially if the backstage area is small
b) change the position and connections of the gear that’s already set up on stage
c) bring your girlfriend and her friends into the backstage area where they do nothing but take up space
d) ask for pictures (where you pose like a possessed demon) when people are clearly busy doing something else (like packing their gear or doing accounting with the promoter)
e) bitch about how shit the local competing band/club/promoter/DJ is – especially not if it’s likely that the touring band knows the competition too
f) ask a band you just met to remix your stuff for the upcoming awesome EP (unless you are prepared to pay for it)
g) take any drinks/food from catering without checking if it is actually yours – this is especially true for booze
h) expect that you’ll get to use your full setup (lasers, video, pyro, exotic dancers). There’s a 90% chance that won’t happen, so don’t throw a fit – or better yet: ask in advance.
i) talk about how awesome your new CD is and that you used Massive and Sylenth as your main synths
j) talk about the touring band constantly
k) talk about anything regarding concerts, touring, production, albums, the touring band, other bands and DJs
l) ask the touring band about themselves all the time

4) So what is there to talk about? Most bands I know would rather hear about your dog, your job as a trapeze artist, your new painting, your old car, your favorite 80s movies, your newest booze discovery, your favorite clubs in town, your political views … ANYTHING but the stuff they deal with all the time. There are obviously exceptions to this, but you’ll notice those quickly.

5) If you are a girl/dude trying to score with a musician from your favorite band, don’t bring your boyfriend/girlfriend. It’s a stupid move and you’ll later regret it.

6) Don’t say “wearing sunglasses in a club is dumb” when you wear gasmasks, fluffy boots and cyberhair … or ANY sort of clothing that makes you look different from when you are naked.

7) Easiest way (besides being a cool person) to get along with a lot of bands: drugs, booze and skimpy clothes (if you have the body for it). Yes, most of us are that shallow.