New EP released today!!

Posted by Faderhead

Yay! It’s done! \o/

EP Cover

Click here for full-length previews of all the tracks!

Here’s the tracklist:

Side A:
01. The Way To Fuck God (Club Edit) 04:10
02. The Way To Fuck God (Electro Mix by XP8) 04:19
03. The Way To Fuck God (Retro Mix by Modular Majesty) 04:25
04. The Way To Fuck God (Shaolyn Remix) 03:51

Side B:
05. Hot Bath And A Cold Razor (Live Acoustic Version) 03:46
06. The Moth And The Fire (Candlelight Version) 04:01

And if you get the EP from the Faderhead shop link above then, you’ll get a bonus track which is a demo of a colaboration of me and Daniel Myer (Haujobb/Covenant/Destroid).

Of course there’s always iTunes and AmazonMP3 to serve your downloading needs (but those don’t have the bonus track)!

Hope you like the EP!!

One thought on “New EP released today!!

  1. Just checked the pre listening out, wow…great tunes! Especially the acoustic version of Hot Bath And A Cold Razor has blown me away. Sounds that you can do it without electronic devices as well ;-) Try more of this please.

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